Photography: Stephen Crosson @crossoniam
I’m am all about inspiring as many people as I can. It’s always been a desire of mine to be an example and motivate everyone. I’m not even trying to sound all “cliche” but I can’t stress enough that my life isn’t just about me. I never want to be the one to forget where I came from at one point, or be the one to forget that people really truly need people! No matter how many times we may act like we can “figure life out” by ourselves, the fact of the matter is we really can’t… Yeah, that’s probably been one of my favorite lines all my life and I STILL try to get away from that “I’ll figure it out myself” attitude. I need you , you need me, we need each-other and never forget that we also NEED GODDefine Inspire
Let me help you, while you help me…and let’s just INSPIRE each other! When we give out genuine LOVE, we get genuine LOVE back and thats what I want to see here.
Feel free to explore and be inspired because I mean, overall my main goal is to INSPIRE!