About Jasmine


Photo: Tyler Moncrief Shirt: The Perfect Heart

I’m a God fearing wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend born and raised in the beatiful city of Detroit, MI where creativity is at it’s finest! Growing up I’ve always had the desire to be my own boss and do things my way. I’m a graduate of Western Michigan University “GO BRONCOS!” and hold a B.S. in Psychology with a focus in Communications. It doesnt just stop there for me though, I’m what I call a MAJOR CREATIVE. I’m also a graphic designer, photographer, and micro influencer.

I never had what most people would call the “best life” but I made the most of it and blossomed into the woman I am today. I am on a never ending journey to following my dreams of becoming a model while my goal is to INSPIRE as many people around me. I don’t believe for one second I was designed to just live a simple life but to have fun, make mistakes, learn, teach and be the person GOD created me to be, and not just for me but for everyone I come across.