Contractions maybe? Welcome to the BLOOM-life!

So if you’re pregnant this is probably the most that you have used google right? ESPECIALLY for first time mommies the struggle is real in understanding what in the world is going on in our bodies. We deal with hormonal changes which play a part in everything that people see outside our body and what we’re thinking in our mind. But what about that feeling you get when your tummy starts to tighten up. Almost like your baby is sitting sideways and falls right to sleep, NO MOVEMENT; just pure stiffness? Starting at about 27 weeks for me I started to experience the most uncomfortable feeling of Braxton Hicks Contractions
Yes! Early contractions is a things and Braxton Hicks contractions prepares you for the real deal. They typically start in your second trimester but you experience them the most in your third trimester. Typically they last for a few seconds but can last up to 2 minutes…(save me now Jesus) and they’re pretty darn UNCOMFORTABLE! You don’t know when they’re coming. You could be minding your own business going about your day then BOOM you’re having a contraction. Now don’t get me wrong this has given me the opportunity to practice for the grand finale. You know the breathing and finding a comfortable positions because you’ll definitely have to do that in labor. (I’m having one right now as I’m typing, oh Braxton!)
Triggers of Braxton Hicks contractions:
  • SEX (TMI I mean how’d we get the baby lol…but we contract after we orgasm.)
  • Dehydration
  • Full bladder
  • If mom or baby is very active
  • Someone touched belly (weird lol)
What helps?
  • Change positions
  • Take you a nice warm bath
  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (I’m yelling at myself y’all…I suck at drinking my water)
  • Drink up some warm tea
Saved by the Bloomlife
Now what you want to do is keep your doctor updated on how many contractions you’ve had throughout the day and how long they’ve lasted. They will ask especially as you get closer to your date! But because I never remember any of that information I discovered an amazing product that records even those tiny contractions we know nothing about. How great is that? Not only is it convenient to helping you keep updates for your physician but it gives you a second opinion on what’s going on with your body. It doesn’t tell you exactly what kind of contraction you’re experiencing but it helps you determine whether you should seek medical attention or not.
So what is Bloomlife?
Bloomlife is an at home contraction monitor. It’s able to sense when you’re contracting which gives you a comforting connection with what’s going on in your body. Also one thing I’m always concerned with is the health of my little one and what I love about this product is it’s SAFE and doesn’t pass any energy into the body. It’s lightweight, small and easy to forget while sitting there watching your favorite movie!


What’s included with Bloomlife Box and how is it used?
  • Bloomlife sensor
  • Extra Patches
  • Sensor Charging Cord
  • Quick Guide


Once you have received you Bloomlife sensor it’s just as simple as downloading the Bloomlife app which tracks and reports your contractions straight to the app. You can also go back to the day recorded and show your physician exactly how long the contraction lasted and the timeframe in which you had the contraction…DOPE!



How can I get me a Bloomlife?
  • So you can head over to their website for options on receiving a sensor of your own. But guess what Bloomlife wants to do something special for my moms! Upon check out you can just use my code LfJ10 which gives you 10% off of your weekly rental!  Just visit


I have always craved having a relationship with my body during my pregnancy and brands such as Bloomlife not only tells me whats going on with my body but it draws me closer to my pregnancy. I feel more informed and there’s less stress of pulling out my clock to record for my healthcare provider! Don’t be out of the loop ladies! I highly recommend you to always be informed of whats going on with your body because it can potentially save you and your baby! So definitely check this product out because it’ll only get better as time goes on!

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