Must Haves for MOMMY!

Well…It’s getting close to the day that Faith arrives and BOY AM I EXCITED. I’m not trying to scare you I promise but I feel like I have been pregnant for way longer than 31 weeks. These weeks been feeling like months, and these months been feeling like years. I’m sure it’s because I’m anxious to finally meet my baby girl but I for sure want my body back. Over the past few weeks I have been purchasing and researching must haves I want for baby Faith when she gets here…NOW of course we have the important items…Pampers, bottles, onesies, strollers, etc. but I’m talking the things that mommy desires to have to get me through my full-time mommy days AND hey maybe just for fun!


I want to start of with this amazing in bed co-sleeper that I have been having my eye on since I found out I was pregnant. I have seen so many great reviews on this item and about every mom that I have come across owns this. If you’re a mommy I am sure you have heard of Dockatot and if you haven’t please invest in one today! See their sleepers aren’t just plain, bulky sleepers they’re easy to carry around and can be placed next to you while your working in bed or even chilling on the couch. Comfort is very important to me and their padding is comfy and WASHABLE! Yes, when Faith pukes on her Dockatot, I can just throw it in the washing machine and plop it back on there. Not only that I can change the pattern as well. Dockatot has so many options for you to choose from and of course our babies are gonna grow so they have two sizes for you to choose from once your little grows!
Order here!
You also have the option to keep your little one busy with the Toy Arch you can attach to their Dockatot. I made sure to add that because when mommy is busy Faith can just glance at her toys to keep her company (for just a minute lol)! Another feature that only I would probably enjoy is the fact that their toys are made of cloth…My biggest fear is for those hard toys to fall on my baby face wooo NO save me the heart attack please! So I made a vow that I won’t purchase anything that can fall on her.

Batz kids

For those moments you want to share with the world when your little gets to a new milestone. There’s another way I discovered! Say bye bye to those little stickers. I had to head over to Batz Kids to grab my milestone blanket for baby Faith! Not only that I’m all for supporting brand that contribute to our community and with a purchase of the “Dream Big Little One” blanket from their for the cause line they will donate to a woman by the name of Kim White who has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer ACC. Head over to  their blog to read her story.
Check them out here!

Baby Be Mine Maternity

This is what I am most excited about because lord knows I’m so ready for this day! I didn’t even know things like this existed and I wanted to go in labor in style lol although that what I’m wearing may be the last thing on my mind right?….Yeah I know I’m EXTRA! Check out this beautiful Isla print for Faith and I. Baby be mine maternity has lots labor gear for mommy and baby!
Check out their website
I have so many other items coming in the mail that I am super excited for! So I’ll be sure to add all of those to this blog so stay on the look out for my future mentions as they come!

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