My Top 3 GO-TO Brands

So look, I’m not biased but when I find something that I like and that works for me every time I don’t turn my back on it! I wanted to share with you in detail my top 3 brands that I faithfully use…

Shampoo’s & Co-Washes

My Routine: So ladies I DO NOT shampoo my hair often! I shampoo my hair once a month and to substitute that, I co-wash my hair weekly. What you don’t want to do is strip your hair of its natural oils and Shampoo drys my hair completely so I have to be careful. Co-washing not only cleanses my hair but it provides continuous moisture and make my detangling and styling easy. Using the right co-wash, being patient, and sectioning off your hair to properly cleanse insures squeaky clean SOFT hair.

As I Am

  • Curl Clarity Shampoo
  • Strengthening Shampoo- Long and Luxe line
    • Promotes growth and Strength not to mention it smells AMAZING!
  • Gro Wash -Long and Luxe Line
    • Promotes growth, strength and moisture while cleansing hair.

Deva Curl

  • No-Poo Decadence
    • This keeps my hair feeling moisturized and clean! It also smells GREAT!

Creme of Nature

  • Creamy Hydration Co-Wash
    • Okay so I love the smell of ALL Creme of Nature products! This cleanser also keeps my hair moisturized, makes detangling easy and cleanses my hair!

Conditioners & Deep Conditioners

My Routine: This is the most essential need for natural hair! Moisture is key for every curl girl so you want to make sure you’re using the right products that will do the trick. I love conditioners that aren’t too thick however some thick products will pass with my. I don’t like for my hair to feel like it has products in it and it all starts with the conditioner, well; the leave-ins to be exact! In terms of Deep Conditioning I deep condition my hair EVERY WEEK! I highly recommend you deep condition your hair at least once a week. So pick your “Deep day” and keep those deep conditions up!

As I Am

  • Conditioner – Long and Luxe Line
    • Of course I have to go with the line that promotes growth, and healthy hair all around! This conditioner isn’t to thick and I also use this to detangle my hair as well. It can also be used as a deep conditioner as well!
  • GroYogurt Leave-in Conditioner -Long and Luxe
    • Another product that promotes strength and growth while moisturizing coils!

Creme of Nature

  • Moisture Recovery Leave-in Curl Milk
  • Moisture Rich- Hair Butter
  • Intensive Conditioning Treatment (Deep Conditioner)
    • This works wonders on my hair! It has my hair feeling extremely soft and makes styling easy. It also has my hair looking shiny as well. This has been especially good for my color as well!
  • Argan Oil Strength & Shine Leave-In
    • This is a spray and I’m not always a fan of sprays HOWEVER I only use this for detangling or I spray it on my hair as it gets old.

Deva Curl

  • One Condition Original
  • Melt In Moisture (Deep Treatment)
    • This is one of my TOP deep conditioners! It smells amazing and keeps my coils feeling extremely soft and silky. I can literally run my fingers down my curls with no problem.
  • Deep Sea Repair (Deep Treatment)
    • Another one of my fave treatments! This product contains ingredients that help restore damaged hair, strengthen hair and reduces breakage. When I went through my stage of major shedding and breakage this did wonders for me! There were even times I’d mix both this and the Melt in moisture!

Styling- Creams & Gels

My Routine: Once I’m all washed and conditioned I get to the styling which is the best part of being natural. Typically if I use both a cream and gel I start with the cream first and then apply the gel and twist around my finger (refer to video).

As I Am

  • Curl Enhancing Smoothie – Long and Luxe Line
    • I use this faithfully! This can be used for my wash n’ go’s, twist-outs and any other style you want to try out! It keeps my hair shiny, defined and SOFT!
  • Coil Defining Jelly
    • NO CRUNCHY CURLS! That’s all I have to say about this products. It works perfect and is also a light gel that keeps the shine and softness up!
  • Twist Defining Cream
  • Smoothing Gel

Deva Curl

  • Styling Cream
    • This right here is the truth! Styling Cream defines and moisturize my hair leaving my coils extra bouncing even after they dry!
  • Light Defining Gel
    • My hair is fine and light gels work best for me! This is the epitome of its name. Not only does it define my curls but my hair feels soft as if there’s nothing holding my coils together.
  • B’Leave-In
    • This is used to moisturize and bring out your curls! It’s a gel that promotes conditioning and strengthens hair. Typically I use this first when styling my hair with other Deva Curl products. One thing I do is try not to mix up my products!

Creme of Nature

  • Creamy Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion
    • I love this hair milk! It’s pretty creamy however it’s still not very heavy on my head. I love how it keeps my hair feeling soft and most of the time I just use this by itself!

Additional Products that I use!

Cantu- Moisturizing Curl Activator
Cantu- Coconut Curling Cream
Cantu- Define & Shines
Cantu- Complete Conditioning Co-Wash
Inahsi- Soothing mint conditioner
Inahsi- Restorative Deep Conditioner
Inahsi- Leave- In Conditioner & Detangler
Inahsi- Curl Enhancing Cream
Inahsi- Hair and Body Whipped Butter (Used for body and hair)
Uncle Funkys Daughters- Curly Magic
Uncle Funkys Daughters- Super Curl
Palmers- Deep Conditioning Protein Pack
OGX- Coconut Milk Shampoo

Need Protein?

  • Aphogee- Two Step Protein Treatment

Don’t forget your OILS!

Sidenote: Oils are not used to moisturize your hair! They are used only to LOCK in whatever your hair is feeling at the moment. So if your hair is dry oil won’t fix that it’ll actually make it worse. I recommend you always use the L.O.C (Leave-on, Oil, Cream) method!

  • Deva Curls- Mirror Curls
  • OGX- Moroccan Argan Oil
  • African Pride- Olive Oil

Check out my Wash and Go Routine w/ Deva Curl


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